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Wooden Toy Airplane June 23, 2008

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Kinderkram Wooden Airplane:

This wooden heirloom quality toy is made in Europe by Konrad Keller/Kinderkram with non-toxic materials. It’s great as a first airplane, my son at the age of almost 3 still loves to play with it. There was a period when he would not touch this plane, and suddenly he was playing with it every day. The plane comes with a removable peg pilot. The wheels and propeller spin, and it’s designed for easy grip. I like that it is so incredible well made, it has had numerous drops (crashes) and there’s not even a dent in this plane. For sure a keeper for my sons children one day. There is also a great wooden helicopter in this line of toys and they come in either red or natural color. The price is about $25.




Jeep and Camper June 10, 2008

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Fagus wooden Jeep and Camper:

Fagus has the most amazing quality wooden trucks, cars, camper etc. They are made in Germany in a workshop for the handicapped. All items are made eco-friendly and non-toxic with a water based finish. The Jeep’s hood is like a handle that you steer the jeep with. The camper can open up and you can buy additional furniture for the inside. Since my son got this set, he will not go anywhere without it! He even tried to bring it to bed last night, but that’s where mama drew the line.


My son that is almost 3 and is at a whopping 45 pound, has found another use for this set; he SITS on the camper as he pushes himself forward and steers with the Jeep, see the picture! That is how strongly made it is. I love that the tires are rubber so my floors won’t get scratched. This toy is something he can play with and I could sell used (although I’m going to keep it for his children one day) and it will still look great after years of use. 


If any of you are eyeballing Automoblox (made in China and are NOT eco-friendly), get this cool designed Jeep instead. It’s such better quality and even if it’s a bit more expensive, you only need to get one of these and it will LAST. Quality is so important for me, I had three other Plan toys items; the forklift, fire engine and a bulldozer- a friend of my son came over to our house and within 20 minutes broke ALL THREE vehicles! The bulldozer snapped in half! You won’t see something like that happen to Fagus items. In Germany they even have stores selling used Fagus items.




Made in USA Trucks May 23, 2008

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Maple Landmark Classic “Racing Team Truck” and “School Bus”:

To be honest, when I first saw these trucks in the toystore, I thought they kind of looked boring and ugly… but my son kept on playing with the truck at the store every time we went there, so I ordered these two. I have quickly changed my mind, these trucks are so nice for the child’s imagination. My son LOVES these, he doesn’t have the critical design eye of him mom, yet, and thinks these are the most amazing trucks in the world. He plays with them daily and uses the peg people as “babies” that get into different scenarios between the bus and the race truck. I hesitated on these trucks because I thought they would scratch up our wooden floors, but they are fine (or my floor is so scratched I don’t notice it). These trucks are HEAVY though, which is nice for stability, but you don’t want to drop one of these on your toes. Luckily, my son keeps them on the floor and mostly pushes them around. I do love that these are made in USA, finished with bee’s wax and the body is crafted from responsibly harvested hardwoods. The small race-cars are probably his favorites, so if you’re on a budget, just get two of those.


A side note about Automoblox; I was really sad when I found out that they are made in China, that they are not eco-friendly at all, and that the quality is bad (the plastic part where the wheels connect to the car has broken on 3 out of our 4 cars!). I bought a few of them on “natural” toy websites and I want to warn you to look into them before buying them. Go for cars made by Fagus, Kinderkram, Ostheimer, Plan Toys and the above mentioned first. Not only will they quality be better, but they will be non-toxic and support eco-friendly practises.