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Made in USA Toy Camera June 13, 2008

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North Star Toys Camera:


Since I am a photographer, I of course had to get my boy a camera. North Star Toys make great wooden toys, but the toys are usually finished with a food-grade, petroleum-based mineral oil. I recommend buying their toys unfinished at Kidbean.com, and then just put on a vegetable oil for a vegan finish, or my favorite: Three BEEautiful organic beeswax polish. When the camera arrives unfinished, it looks dry, you’ll be amazed how it comes to life with a little oil.


My son takes pictures of me, his pretend dinosaurs, dragons and the items in our house. Very cute. Then he shows me the images on his pretend monitor on the back of the camera (just like mama’s digital camera). The shutter button pushes down, there’s a view finder, focus knob that turns, and a film advance dial. Everything is very basic, perfect for a child’s imagination. I like that contrast of the different hardwoods used. This camera is about $22.


North Star Toys is a small eco-friendly family business that use recycled paper and packaging whenever possible and reuse or recycle scraps and waste. Their saw dust is used to supplement compost and wood-scraps are donated to schools for art projects. 100% of electricity that runs their shop comes from wind and/or solar energy! 


www.northstartoys.com or unfinished at www.kidbean.com






Co-operative Games June 12, 2008

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Family Pastimes Co-operative Games:

All games are made with recycled components using soy inks and water based glues! Any plastics (dice and pawn) are made in USA and all colorings are lead-free. Made in Canada by a family business since 1972. The games foster a spirit of co-operation, you play as friends- not as enemies!






Made in USA Skittles May 22, 2008

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Camden Rose “Skittles”:


We got these both large and in a mini version. My son uses them for bowling, but the big ones also turn into “mamas” and the small version are “babies”, and he invents his own games. These are great as gifts too. They come in a bag for easy transportation and storage. I love Camden Rose and how natural and non-toxic everything they make is. Made in USA. 


www.palumba.com   COUPON: get 5% off by typing “awarefamily” at the checkout page