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Best USA Made Play Kitchen May 22, 2008

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Camden Rose’s “A simple heart”:


I have a boy and I must say that this kitchen with the playstands are the most amazing, most used toys he has. They are an investment. You could probably sell this kitchen used for a good sum, so count that in when you look at the price.


It is so beautiful you won’t mind having this in your living-room (I do and I’m a minimalist). Every time I look at this kitchen, I just feel so proud and wholesome for having provided my son with such an amazing toy. It is the center of attention any child comes over, boy or girl. I have even had a girl as old as 11 been mesmerized by it. I don’t like collecting things (donate galore) but I want my grandchildren to play with this one day and will always keep it in my house no matter what age my son will be. The variation in the color of the wood is so beautiful.I love that the oven space and cabinet space has a division and that the oven door opens down like an oven door does. The pull out cutting board is just great and gives 12″ extra play space.


Having a boy, this is not only a kitchen- this is a landing pad for his helicopter, a track for his race-car, but also where he makes his “rocket-soup”, tea for mom, salts his eggs (or the eggs turn into ice-cream) etc. He is an excellent chef! To see him use his imagination as he does with this kitchen is just so touching for me.




Other great kitchens May 19, 2008

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Willow Toys Kitchen


Elves & Angels

Budget version kitchen: take a cardboard box, turn it upside down, cut out two doors on the front, draw a stove-top on the top and cut some holes and push blocks in them to make knobs and buttons. Your child will love it! Cost $0, and price-less for your child.