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Best USA Made Playstands May 23, 2008

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Camden Rose “Cherry Playstand”:


Camden Rose makes in my opinion the best playstands out there. This company is amazing- they wait until a tree falls in the forest, then log it out with a horse not to disturb the wildlife! Then artisans at their US factory make these amazing stands and finish them with organic and natural bees wax and oils. They smell amazing, they look amazing, they will last through generations and my son LOVES them.


I recommend buying an additional “Exclusive shelf” per playstand, it makes them more stable and just looks amazing. The rainbow playsilk that comes with the set is just so beautiful. I am a minimalist and like my house tidy and clean looking, this setup is so beautiful I don’t mind having it in our living-room. People come in to our house and say “wow, that just looks so calming and peaceful”. 



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