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Trains June 8, 2008

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Plan Toys Road & Rail Railway Station:

I am soooo looking forward to receive this new item from Plan Toys. I’ve been on a hunt for a long time for an eco-friendly and non toxic train track, and I was so sad to learn that my Swedish childhood wooden Brio had turned into a plastic nightmare made in China. Thomas the Train is not even worth mentioning, I think you’ve all heard about their lead scandal, and yes, they are still making their plastic trains in China.


I had almost given up the search for some nice QUALITY wooden trains made non-toxic, when I saw that Plan toys are releasing this in July! How great! Plan Toys is a certified eco-friendly company that make their toys in Thailand using rubber trees that otherwise would have been regarded as trash after they are done sapping rubber from them. All dyes and finishes are non-toxic and eco-friendly too. 


I like this train station because you can pack everything into it- space saving and storage all in one! I’ll update with further info when I get this item.




Best USA Made Large Train May 22, 2008

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Camden Rose’s “Hardwood Choo Choo” Train: 


My son adores this train and plays with it every day. It is so beautiful, like all items from Camden Rose. The company makes these toys from fallen trees in the forrest that they log out with a horse not to disturb the wildlife! They are completely non-toxic and made in USA. Because this train is made with fall-off material from other items, the wood combinations are unique. This train is 40″ long, so it’s a pretty big train. Kids love trains, kids love BIG trains, what more can I say.


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