A guide to the best non-toxic and eco-friendly toys & products

Aware Family

Arts & Crafts May 26, 2008



Art Makes Sense Mercurius Color Giants Waldorf Colors:


I love these! They have a triangle shape with very rounded corners and are so soft and yummy to hold. 



Artemis Plant Colored Crayons:

These Crayons are made of plant colors! My son loves these not only for drawing, but for stacking and pretending they are cars. They must be the most eco-friendly crayons around!



Stockmar Waldorf Water Colors:

These are my favorite water colors and what they use in Waldorf schools. The Stockmar water colors are based on the natural graduation of the twelve-part color-circle in accordance with Goethe’s theory of colors.



Imagination Box Co. Paintable Cottage:

How neat, for about $20 you get this great recycled and recyclable cottage with it’s own set of washable non toxic watercolors. This makes a great gift! Made in USA.






Mary’s Softdough:


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