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Blankets May 22, 2008


Robbie Adrian Organic Cotton Fleece Blanket with Silk Trim:


I got this beautiful organic blanket in brown fleece with blue silk trim for my boy and we gave away all other blankets. Wish I would have found this one sooner. It is on the expensive side, but if you buy just one large one of these blankets (or put it on your gift-registry so others can buy it) instead of a bunch of other ones, you’ll be glad. I love that it’s organic, made in USA and the organic cotton is even grown in the US. On a personal note, I am so happy to have found and organic dark colored blanket, baby’s are messy, toddler’s spill, natural white colors get stained so fast and if you pay for something organic, you won’t want to use bleach or other toxins to get it clean. This blanket is a luxury, so soft, so beautiful… I want one for me! The largest sized one is about $118, they run small, so I recommend ordering the largest size.






Amenity Woods Organic Blanket:


This is a beautiful organic blanket made in USA and printed with eco-friendly non-toxic inks. I must admit I was almost scared to let my son use this blanket, it is so beautiful (and expensive), I’m scared of getting it dirty! The side that touches baby has a super-soft layer, the top with the print is more stiff and wrinkles easily (my only complaint). I don’t know how it holds up in wash yet as I have mainly used it as a bed-spread, so I will make a follow up on that. This blanket is pretty thin. If you look at buying matching pillows from this company, choose kapok filling as the recycled soda bottle filling off-gases. I love the designs of this company and would love to one day get a set of sheet for my bed too. Go to their website if not to buy, just to browse and see the awesome designs. About $130 for the larger size crib blanket.




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