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Carriers May 22, 2008


Peapod Creations Organic “CuddlyWrap”:

   This wrap carrier is made of soft organic cotton by a family business in Canada. The wrap is ergonomic for both baby and adult and brings you close to the baby for bonding. Breast-feeding is easy and I don’t think anyone can argue against that having the baby close to your heart is the best for baby. It is one long piece of fabric that you wrap according to instructions and you can have your baby in the front, back or side. The support is great when you spread the fabric over the shoulders and across the hip.







Belle Organic Carrier:

I just found this organic eco-friendly carrier MADE IN USA!!! YEY! Apparently Julia Roberts uses this carrier and if someone that can afford anything gets this, it must be pretty darn good… he he. It’s ideal for babies that are 10-25 pounds. Baby can face towards and away from you. 100% organic cotton and hemp fabrics and environmentally friendly dyes. Their packaging is made from recyclable cardboard, and all Belle carriers feature a waist belt ring pad which is made from PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) yoga mat manufacturing remnants that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 







ERGO Organic Carrier:


Some points why we love the Ergo carrier:


– ergonomic design supports a correct sitting position for the baby’s hip, pelvis and spine growth

– use from birth up to 40 lbs (my boy was a 20 pound giant at the age of 3 months!)

– wear on front, back or hip and (somewhat) easily shifted around

– padded waist belt supports the lumbar area plus 1″ thick padding in the shoulder straps

– more secure than a hard-frame for baby hiking and walking

– attached Sleeping Hood supports sleeping baby’s head and expands with the growth of your child

– organic and non-toxic


It is however MADE IN CHINA and I am really against anything made there, because I am for humanitarian rights. I just have not found a better option for carriers that are as well designed as this one for longer hikes, and organic. If you order one, please tell them you would love if they move their production out of China. This carrier is good if you need to go on longer hikes or if you need to take on and off the carrier quickly, if not, go with the CuddlyWrap.






Tough Traveller “Stallion” and “Pal’mino”:

Wohoo! Made in USA! The company “Tough Traveller” has been making carriers since 1970 in USA in their Fair-Trade Production Facility, Under USA Labor & Environmental Laws.  The material is not organic, but you won’t find an organic carrier with a metal frame made to hike for days in mountains through rain and snow. Not many need a carrier at this caliber, but those of us who do, know it. I have a similar carrier like this and I can’t use it, it just gets too heavy (my son was 40 pounds at the age of almost 2, plus the weight of the carrier), but my husband loves it for longer hikes where the Ergo gets to be too whimsy for him. The Ergo is all organic material, so of course we prefer to surround our son with that, but you got to get what will work if you’re off to adventures camping in the mountains for a week. Waiting to hear from this company about their materials used, but from what I know, this is the only USA made carrier in this caliber.





2 Responses to “Carriers”

  1. Lars Kellogg-Stedman Says:

    While we love our Ergo, we have found the company that manufactures it to be completely unresponsive to customer comments. I suspect that they will merrily delete any suggestions about moving their manufacturing out of China as long as people continue to purchase the product.

    We have the backpack accessory for the Ergo, which was really helpful when our son was younger since it allowed us to carry baby and diapers on our back without needing a separate diaper bag. That made walking around town and taking public transit much easier.

  2. Juliet Says:

    Ellaroo Mei Tei make organic baby carriers, not sure where they are made

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