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Clothing May 24, 2008


When I Grow Up:

Love this, great messages on organic t-shirts made in USA by Kat, a work at home mom, and printed with water-based inks. Tristan loved this t-shirt that says “I will eat my vegetables” the moment it arrived and wanted to wear it, we gave him a carrot and took this shot, so cute. He loves his carrot t-shirt, as he loves carrots. I’m looking forward to getting some more of Kat’s t-shirts that read “I will plant a tree”, “I will give” or “I will walk in someone else’s shoes”. You can never have enough of good values for your child!






Positively Organic:


We love the Positively Organic clothes for our son. The green long sleeve shirt he has still looks impeccable after almost two years of use (abuse). The print on that shirt is in the fabric itself so it doesn’t crack like some other brands we’ve tried. I love that they offer colored organic items (babies are messy, toddlers are messier) that are so nice designed, and that they offer toddler sizes. Made in India under good conditions.






Under The Nile:

This cute dress is made of 100% organic Egyptian cotton. Under the Nile is a great company and their prices are great too, you don’t have an excuse not to buy organic with this company! Check out their variety of clothes and toys:






Kate Quinn Organics:

What I love about Kate Quinn Organics is the variety of clothes, sizes, and COLORS! Being eco-friendly is stylish with her clothes for baby and child. My son prefers to wears soft pants so he can run around freely and comfortably and he loves these (Positively Organic has another great pair of pants like these but with drawstring, these have elastics at the waist). The quality is great and so far everything has held up exceptionally after numerous washes. Love the t-shirts that have a crossover opening at the head so you don’t have to force the shirt over the babies head. Fair Trade made in India.






Pixel Organics:

100% made in USA and sustainable! Waiting for some of their clothes to arrive for review.






Twirls and Twigs:

This is a small company making organic clothing in USA. The cutest eco-friendly dresses I’ve seen, but they’re pretty expensive. Check them out, supporting small businesses that are being eco-friendly is always great.







Made in USA! Most of their organic cotton fabric is color-grown too! Waiting for items to review…




One Response to “Clothing”

  1. Juliet Says:

    I have that same UTN dress, can’t wait for summer! I’ve bought almost all the organic brands and found the Oregano from Israel has been the longest wearing and softest of them all, they are also colour-grown and get darker the more you wash them. Serendipity have beautiful clothes too (Danish I think) . I also love the German organic wool products from Disana. There are beautiful dress from Natural Fashions made in Brazil out of colour-grown cotton. I found the Kate quinn pants were really tight around the waist, and my baby never even got to wear them. Grembo have a good range of basics in natural colours.

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