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Diapers May 26, 2008


Loveybums LIO’s Organic All In One Cloth Diaper:

I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THE ULTIMATE DIAPER! Only wish I knew about it sooner. Pam (a work at home mom) at Loveybums made me a custom LIO diaper with an embroidered dragon and since then my diapering life has changed. My son now refuses to wear any other diaper and I pray Pam can make me some more before he is potty trained! This is an all natural breathable system, I choose an organic wool outer and organic insert. The wool outer is very trim and this is the only all natural system I have been able to use here in the Miami heat.


I was reluctant at first to using a wool cover since I admit I don’t fancy hand washing, but this diaper held up perfectly in the cold wash in my laundry machine. I am amazed of how seldom you need to wash a wool cover, it can be soaked in pee, you air dry it, and it’s good to go! Wool neutralizes urine naturally. Some only wash a wool cover once a month, so don’t let wool scare you away- it is the ideal diaper cover. The snap-in inserts I wash on high heat or sanitizing cycle. Some things are just brilliant with this diaper; no snaps touch the baby’s skin, and the way the inserts are snapped in makes change easy for even the wiggliest baby. The LIO cover can be used with other diapers too. I hope one day Pam will make this diaper as a one-size, but with the amount of snaps on the diaper, I think you can get away with just getting 2 different sized covers. Made in USA.






Swaddlebees ECONAPPI Organic One-Size Cloth Diaper:

How stylish is this one! This is a one-size (use from birth to potty) pocket All-In-Two diaper (stuff the pocket, or just lay the insert on top of the diaper. If the diaper isn’t soiled, just change the insert and reuse the diaper). It comes with a one-size insert made with organic cotton velour and hemp. The diaper has a waterproof outer layer of PUL. Not only is this diaper stylish, it’s amazing to use! So easy, it dries fast and washes easily. I love how cute it looks on our son, stylish, aware, eco-friendly and cool- can’t beat that! This is my favorite AIO one-size diaper! Remember that even if this diaper is more expensive, you save on it being a one-size diaper and thereby you don’t need to buy 3 different size diapers, these are great quality too and ORGANIC, so great re-sale value. Made in USA. 


Swaddlesbee’s also makes an “Econappi Mini” for newborns up to 15lb, sometimes a one size diaper can be too bulky for a small newborns and preemies. (Bumgenius is the only other company I’ve found that make an organic one-size AIO diaper in USA, but it takes forever to dry in the dryer and my son reacts to the PUL layer while he has no problem with the Econappi.) 






Tiny Tush Trim Organic One-Size Diaper:

Made in USA, one of the few one-size organic made in USA colored diapers I’ve found. Needs a cover. Under review… but so far I can say that this diaper has become my favorite one-size diaper, it is beyond soft and so trim! I’ve used it without a cover even though it needs one, and it holds liquid very well. The snap in insert is just perfect. Will update with more pictures and in depth review soon…






Swaddlebees One Size Organic Velour Fitted Diaper:

This one and Tiny Tush are the ONLY one size colored organic diapers I’ve found that are made in USA. One size is great because you can use it from birth to potty instead of buying 3-4 different sized diapers. Needs a cover. Under review…







Little Beetle One Organic Cloth Diaper:

Organic cotton velour diapers that come in 3 sizes. Made in USA in a fair trade facility. These diapers are sooooo cute and soooo soft, but it does become bulky when you use it with a wool cover compared to the all-in-one diapers mentioned above. I sometimes use them without the wool cover, but they will soak through and I do need to change the diaper the moment I see/feel it’s wet (so don’t do this if you are afraid of getting pee or poo on your new sofa). You will need a cover for these since they do not have a waterproof outer layer, and anything else then wool doesn’t make sense (if you buy a PUL cover, you might as well stick to the ease of an All-in-one diapers). I LOVE these diapers and hope they will soon make a one-size diaper.






Little Beetle Organic Wool Diaper Covers:

Organic wool diaper cover in COLORS! Made in USA. Under review…






Embroidered diapers:

Now the FUN of cloth diapering begins! Calling the creative side of you, you can have a diaper made that will make all moms that use disposables green of envy… he he. I’m still in the process of reviewing three different companies that make embroideries on organic diapers and will update later…





There are no truly eco-friendly alernatives to cloth diapers. Disposables go to our landfills and take up to 500 years to dissolve and even 7th Generation, Naty and G-diapers contain a toxic gel (sodium polyacrylate) which I got really angry when I learned about. I tried G-diapers and the cover is made in China of a synthetic blend and has a plastic cover on the inside that rashed up my son. 


Tushies is the only disposable diaper with certified non-chlorine bleached woodpulp blended with COTTON for natural high absorbency (make sure you get the Gel-Free version). Tushies are also assembled in USA with domestic materials and woodpulp from Scandinavian sustainable, renewable, family-owned forests. 




why to use cloth diapers:



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