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Hair and Body Care May 22, 2008


Morrocco Method Shampoo and Conditioners:


I would not use anything else on my son’s skin and hair then Morrocco Method’s products. Look at the ingredients on their “Sea Essence Shampoo” for example: 


kelp, nori, kombu, fucus, sea silk & Irish moss, red, brown & white algae, Klamath Lake blue green algae, natural soapbark, green tea, cactus, yucca, aloe vera, organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, 92 trace minerals and essential oils of frankincense and myrrh. 


This synergistic blend of enlivened, charged botanicals and hand-picked herbs are mixed, blended, and bottled according to the moon cycles used by ancient farmers. How cool is that, Ingredients you can actually pronounce! There is another brand called Terressentials that also make great products, but I have had way better results with Morrocco Method.


I use Morrocco Method’s shampoo also as soap, facial cleanser, mask, and it is the only soap I use on son’s skin and hair. It has more of a runny clay consistency and does not lather very much, so I usually take another bottle, squeeze a little of the product in it, add water, shake, and then apply to the hair. It takes time getting used to for us adults but it is perfect for children’s virgin hair! 


www.morroccomethod.com   COUPON: get 5% off by typing “Awarefamily” in the Comments section


One Response to “Hair and Body Care”

  1. phillipa Says:

    I just found these products myself and cannot wait to try them. Only wish I’d found them earlier!


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