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Aware Family

Bottles May 22, 2008


Born Free Vented Glass Bottles:

Why do I think this is the best bottle? To start with, this bottle is free from bisphenol-A, phtalates and PVC. It is also made of glass and in the end, glass is the safest option. I know some claim that their plastic is non-toxic, but what about being recyclable? Will they find out 10 years from now that when heated it leaches out another toxin scientist didn’t know about? Glass is glass, it is safe and recyclable.


I tried other “safe” plastic bottles like Adiri, then it hit me that when their nipple wears out, I have to throw away the entire bottle- not very eco-friendly (yes, I make mistakes and that is why I am doing this site so you won’t make the same mistakes and can save yourself that money). Born Free is made in Israel. If you prefer plastic bottles, BornFree is still the best and the brand Green to grow (made in Taiwan though) is probably your second best option. Most other bottles are made in China or Taiwan. 




some facts that glass is the best:



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