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Aware Family

Shoes May 28, 2008





There is only one shoe for my son, Birkenstocks. I tried other “eco-hip” brands and was so upset when I found that companies like Simple “Green Toe” make their shoes in CHINA! Birkenstock is not only eco-friendly (and has been so for a long time), they are great for your feet and body and these shoes are made to last! I love that they are adjustable (room to grow) and I can just put a sock on my son if it’s colder outside and he can still wear just these sandals. My son is almost 3 and has had the same pair for almost a year now, and they still look brand new. 


-Did you know that repair parts of your Birkenstock’s instead of just throwing them away! And if you don’t want to get them repaired, please donate them to Soles 4 Souls.

-Birkenstock ground cork comes from the first quality by-products of the wine industry. Cork bark can be peeled away from a tree and it will grow back.

-Birkenstock manufacturing and production must comply with stringent recycling and waste laws in Germany, there is little waste from the production process and they make use of leftover materials.

-Footwear is packaged in boxes made of 90% recycled paper and printed with inks that are environmentally friendly. 

-Birkenstock USA, LP was recently recertified as a Marin County Green Business.




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