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Underwear & Training pants May 26, 2008



Under The Nile Organic Girls and Boys Briefs:


They also make great organic training pants, so soft, but only help for small leaks:



Little Beetle Organic Training Pant:

Are these the cutest training pants or what! Soft organic cotton velour and snaps on the side for easy take off. How adorable! Use with insert for more protection.





4 Responses to “Underwear & Training pants”

  1. marcy woods Says:


    My mom showed me your website, and I really love it. I only wish that I had know about all of these eco friendly things 3 years ago when I was having my first… but all of the info that you have provided is still so valuable.

    I am currently trying to find a tea set that I can feel good about my kids actually drinking out of. Do you have any ideas or info about safe tea sets?

    I am also searching for small stainless steel cups that I can give my toddler to drink from. I have recently gotten rid of all of our plastic ware that he used to use, but now my only choice is to give him a stainless steel sippy cup… but I want him to learn to use a cup without having to give him real glass or ceramic. I have been asking around, and haven’t come up with any leads yet.

    Would love some help or advice.

    marcy woods

  2. awarefamily Says:

    Dear Marcy,

    I understand completely. It is so hard to know what to do when the stores are filled with toxic junk from China, many don’t even know where to find eco-friendly non toxic items, that’s why I started this site. Even I, knowing much about non toxic items, made lots of mistakes and got sad to find out later that what I thought was non-toxic, well, wasn’t.

    The only tea-set I recommend is something made out of glass. I found on Amazon.com a glass tea pot that even had a glass thingy where you put the loose tea in (instead of metal) and you could heat the water directly in the pot on the stove. Try to find one not made in China.

    I would avoid ceramic or any metal tea sets, ceramic is usually coated with something and any metal can contain lead. Glass is the safest. I like drinking from glass cups too and just tie a soft napkin around the cup so my hands won’t burn.

    I like organic loose tea the best that is naturally caffein free, like white tea and red tea. Flower teas are usually naturally sweeter. Raw organic honey is great as a sweetener, but consider also raw organic agave nectar since it is low glycemic (the kids won’t get a sugar rush).

    Now to the stainless steel cups- I am so hesitant about those. I learned that the cool looking Sigg bottles have a coating on the inside that they won’t say what is because of their patent. Kleen Kanteen has metal bottles too, but I find the water to get a metallic taste, and therefor I believe it must leach some kind of metal into the water. We had a Thermos stainless zippy cup and it RUSTED on the inside after a month!

    Born Free has glass bottles, try putting a zippy-spout on the glass bottle. If you’re scared of it breaking, thread a bottle holder or cut off sock over the glass.

    Thanks for wanting the best for your kids! I just drove by a landfill today, scary what we’re leaving for our children to take care of. But it’s all a learning lesson and we’re all doing our best to our knowledge.

    Let me know if you got any more questions and I’ll do my best to help you.


  3. awarefamily Says:

    I just ordered a glass teapot that even has a glass infuser and is made in Germany, assembled in Hungary. It’s called “Miko” – check it out here http://www.teamerchants.com , I got glass mugs too, good prices and free shipping, will review it soon.


  4. Juliet Says:

    I bought the Imse Wimse fox fibre organic training pants which have an internal plastic layer, not sure if it is non-toxic but the pants are great and very soft and velvety in colour grown stripes of green and white or brown and white, or plain cotton.

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