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Made in USA Alphabet Blocks June 13, 2008

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Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks:

These are a classic! Embossed letters with non-toxic inks on farmed basswood, made in USA. Their manufacturing process minimizes waste, both in their production and packaging. 


Got a bilingual child? Get a set in for example Spanish letters too. They have all kinds of languages available, even my native language; Swedish!


Each standard set includes 27 blocks providing 4 complete alphabets, 3 sets of numerals, and 27 different animal pictures. Lots of fun in one block and a sure hit if you’re looking for the perfect gift. Good price too, about $30 for the blocks without the bag.






Co-operative Games June 12, 2008

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Family Pastimes Co-operative Games:

All games are made with recycled components using soy inks and water based glues! Any plastics (dice and pawn) are made in USA and all colorings are lead-free. Made in Canada by a family business since 1972. The games foster a spirit of co-operation, you play as friends- not as enemies!






USA Made Wooden Barn June 11, 2008

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Amish Wooden Waldorf Play Barn:

I am hoping to review this barn soon, but wanted to put it on the site now so you’ll have a US made natural non-toxic eco-friendly barn to choose from. I still like the design of the Kinderkram barn better, but I love that this one is USA made. To be continued…




Jeep and Camper June 10, 2008

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Fagus wooden Jeep and Camper:

Fagus has the most amazing quality wooden trucks, cars, camper etc. They are made in Germany in a workshop for the handicapped. All items are made eco-friendly and non-toxic with a water based finish. The Jeep’s hood is like a handle that you steer the jeep with. The camper can open up and you can buy additional furniture for the inside. Since my son got this set, he will not go anywhere without it! He even tried to bring it to bed last night, but that’s where mama drew the line.


My son that is almost 3 and is at a whopping 45 pound, has found another use for this set; he SITS on the camper as he pushes himself forward and steers with the Jeep, see the picture! That is how strongly made it is. I love that the tires are rubber so my floors won’t get scratched. This toy is something he can play with and I could sell used (although I’m going to keep it for his children one day) and it will still look great after years of use. 


If any of you are eyeballing Automoblox (made in China and are NOT eco-friendly), get this cool designed Jeep instead. It’s such better quality and even if it’s a bit more expensive, you only need to get one of these and it will LAST. Quality is so important for me, I had three other Plan toys items; the forklift, fire engine and a bulldozer- a friend of my son came over to our house and within 20 minutes broke ALL THREE vehicles! The bulldozer snapped in half! You won’t see something like that happen to Fagus items. In Germany they even have stores selling used Fagus items.




Colored Blocks June 9, 2008

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Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Blocks:

If I could keep blocks from only one manufacturer, it would be Spiel & Holz. These blocks are so vibrant in color, yet you can see the wood-grain through the color. There is no glossy coating on these, so they stack easier. Spiel & Holz believe in color therapy and it kind of feels therapeutic to just look at these blocks. The other day my mother and my son were playing with these and I couldn’t tell which one of them had most fun, but hours went by with my little busy bee sitting still and focused. My son’s interest in these blocks come and go, but when he plays with these he is so creative it almost makes me cry (in a good way). They look very nice on the shelfs in his playstands, it pulls together that natural earthy calming feeling under the rainbow colored silk. 


Spiel & Holz has produced many award-winning Waldorf-inspired toys and wooden puzzles in Germany since 1978. They use only European wood, mainly Alder, that is finished with natural vegetable/linseed oil or child safe water-based dyes.





Tree Blocks Tree House June 8, 2008

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Tree Blocks Tree House:

I love this tree house! It is such a joy to have in our home. It looks so natural, so earthy and wholesome, and it smells lovely. I prefer it to a doll house since it’s more unisex and has a natural earthy feeling. My son plays with the “Tomten” and gnomes, and since he’s not quite 3 yet, we keep it high up and watch him while he plays with it, then put it back up when he is done or if he gets too rough with it. I know he can grow with this toy, and if we have girls over at the house they get mesmerized, adults too! My husband is very happy that I did not get a traditional doll-house for our son, I think that’s where he drew the line… he he. It is pretty expensive, and it does look like something you can make yourself- but you know you never will.






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Plan Toys Road & Rail Railway Station:

I am soooo looking forward to receive this new item from Plan Toys. I’ve been on a hunt for a long time for an eco-friendly and non toxic train track, and I was so sad to learn that my Swedish childhood wooden Brio had turned into a plastic nightmare made in China. Thomas the Train is not even worth mentioning, I think you’ve all heard about their lead scandal, and yes, they are still making their plastic trains in China.


I had almost given up the search for some nice QUALITY wooden trains made non-toxic, when I saw that Plan toys are releasing this in July! How great! Plan Toys is a certified eco-friendly company that make their toys in Thailand using rubber trees that otherwise would have been regarded as trash after they are done sapping rubber from them. All dyes and finishes are non-toxic and eco-friendly too. 


I like this train station because you can pack everything into it- space saving and storage all in one! I’ll update with further info when I get this item.