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Aware Family

Makeup May 30, 2008



Earth’s Beauty:

The foundation is made of organic Arrowroot, and not much more. I have not found a purer makeup line then this, and it’s actually good! I love the foundation powder, blush and powder liner that you use by wetting a brush (stays put all day)- you can even use the powder liner as a mascara by applying it to your lashes with the wet brush. A side note, we live in a hectic society and we, or should I say I, tend to be lazy and give up on products after a while that require us to do something… like the straining task of mixing it with water (note my sarcasm)… so keep that in mind and order a sample before ordering the full size to see if it’s for you.





Real Purity Mascara:

It works and it doesn’t smudge! I used to stick with Jane Iredale’s mascara (great, but not as pure as this one) after trying almost every natural brand out there and having them smudge, but Real Purity really surprised me in how great it is. 


CONTAINS: purified water, beeswax, vegetable glycerin, candellila wax, cellulose, pure plant extracts (sage, ivy & grapeseed extract), & iron oxides.




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