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Aware Family

Hair & Skin Care May 30, 2008



Best hair care and skin cleansers:

Morrocco Method:

At first I had a tough time with Morrocco Method on my torn hair, I could not put the brush through my wet hair after using the shampoo and conditioner. In time, I learned to shake a bit of the shampoo in another bottle with water to easier put it through my long hair, next I used the conditioner on the ends and frizzy parts, last- I stopped attempting to brush my hair when it’s wet (not good for the hair anyway, I learned). Once my hair is dry, I use the Crystal mist, a tiny tiny bit of the Euro oil (or some Rosemary EO) and voila, I have natural shiny bouncy hair! 


www.morroccomethod.com   COUPON: get 5% off by typing “Awarefamily” in the Comments section



For information about toxins in skin care:





Best under eye gel:

Simply Divine Botanicals “Pack your bags they’re leaving” eye gel




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