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Cloth Toilet Paper June 22, 2008


Cloth Toilet Paper?

A dry scratchy irritating piece of rashy paper that leaves lint… yuck! Or an organic moist wipe that leaves you CLEAN and saves the planet each wipe… starting to warm up to the concept?


What about poo? Do you think that wiping yourself after you nr.2 is going to leave a bunch of poo on the wipe? No, it doesn’t, and if it for some odd reason would, add more fiber to your diet and wash the cloth in the sink before putting it into your laundry bucket (a bucket where you collect the wipes so that you can wash them alone on a sanitizing cycle).


I take a container, fold in cloth wipes, then pour on a solution of water, organic tree tree essential oil and organic aloe vera liquid. The wipes soak up the liquid nicely and I have fresh moist healthy wipes to really clean down there, once you do it, you won’t want to use toilet paper ever again. Hey, beats using your left hand and some water like some people do in other countries. Since the wipes are pre-soaked, they do not smell and I keep them in an open bucket in our bathroom until I wash them on a sanitizing cycle with a few “Maggie’s Soap Nuts”. They come out so clean and nice that I sometimes grab one to wipe my face while I’m in the bathroom. If it’s good enough for my face, I think it’s good enough for your bottom.


Kind of nice to know that you’ll never run out of TP and are not dependent on any store, plus, did I mention what an enormous thing for the environment this is to do? Listen to this fact: if every household in the U.S. replaced just ONE roll (500 sheets) of virgin-fiber toilet paper with 100 percent recycled TP, we’d save almost half a million trees ! Now imagine how much we could save with NO toilet paper at all…


So you’ll have cleaner privates, save the environment AND a whole lot of money, what’s not to love about cloth TP? 


You don’t have to use fancy organic cotton wipes, just cut up some old clothes or sheets (recycle). If you buy new ones, I like organic cotton wipes from Lapsaky and Imse Vimse the best for this use.


To be continued…



4 Responses to “Cloth Toilet Paper”

  1. Juliet Says:

    What a brilliant idea, thanks for that advice, I think I will have to give it a go, I’d love not to have to buy tp ever again. Love your website too!

  2. Bequin Lapwing Says:

    I’m taking my cloth “pee-dabbers” to a local barter faire and wanted some info on toxins in toilet paper to share with others. I’ve been making and using these colorful wipes for many years…and still find women resistant to them. It just makes SO much sense to avoid anything toxic….but on that delicate area….even more so. My 9yr old grandaughter made her own stash to use when visiting….but her mom refuses them at their home. Using a splash of water before dabbing keeps them fresher longer. I love handwashing them…soaking in tea tree…and hanging them out to dry!!!

  3. awarefamily Says:

    Dioxin and organochlorines can be found in toilet paper.

    Dioxins cause cancer, learning disorders, decreased immune response, diabetes and all sorts of other nasty problems in the environment.

    Cloth TP is really wonderful and I love it, but I understand it takes people time to get used to the idea and it’s important to never pressure somebody you feel has negative feelings about it (it will just prove them even more, in their minds, that you are a “fanatic weirdo”), so send it all love, bless it, do your best, and how great that you can inspire the future generation, good job!

  4. Bequin Lapwing Says:

    It’s been a few months since I’ve checked in. Since then I’ve started after school craft classes for girls. They were all enthralled about the p-dabbers I offered. Several questions arose about the whole process. “Why use buckets?” I replied “I’d rather squat than “sit” on a toilet that feels too high to release my wastes….and I don’t use precious fresh water that way. I compost my poop and use it on the cane berries….and pour my pee onto the brush/weed piles. The buckets get cleaned with a special brush…roof water…and essential oils.” This made sense to them. After the holiday break each girl is making their own p-dabber [they’ve picked out their fabrics and loop ribbon] and one 5yr old readily asked for a “home model!”

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